Tips to Reduce Waste at Your Home

The average family disposes four large trash bags full of trash each week. And while waste management pinellas county is always there to take the trash to the landfill like clockwork each week, reducing waste at home is important. Not only is there less work when there is less trash, you are also doing your part to keep the world an environmentally friendly, great place to live for future generations. Use the tips below to reduce the amount of waste being consumed at your home.


It’s not as difficult to separate plastics, paper, and wastes as some people think and the minimal efforts are certainly worth the trouble considering that reusing products reduces carbon football, landfill emissions, and provides so many other awesome benefits as well. Establish a recycling program at your home & do your part!

Shopping 101

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Don’t use those plastic or paper bags at the grocery store when shopping. Instead, purchase a few reusable cloth tote shopping bags and take them with you each time you visit the market to shop for groceries.

Consider Composting

Composting all of those scraps out of the kitchen can be a very beneficial hobby and step that you take to help the environment and your garden or grass. Lots of people compost because it is so simple and makes one of the best fertilizers around. Perhaps you should learn more about the great benefits that come when you compost and perhaps it is something that you want to do as well.


Donate item that are collecting dust around the home. You may get a tax write-off in addition to decluttering the home and helping out other people. There are tons of organizations that will accept gently used items. Choose an organization close to your heart and donate!